Song Lyrics

Your Favorite People All In One Place


We'll surprise ourselves
Subtlety can sell
Read the dull pages

Aimless sedition
Maintain tradition
Form a cause, rebel

What we can't turn into news we can share
With our pets at least they'll contextualize
Fratricide as an oversight, you'll see

Made a killing from gods and monsters dancing
Hands are creeping up each other's thighs
They don't agree
They don't really care
Don't want everything
They'll take anything

Found recourse in the underground
Flashed our smiles and took notes on how to remain identical

Let's deject ourselves
With what we can tell
Act surprised

Or At Least As Bad

Fears bloom where the night won't recede
There's a darkness here
A matchless entity

And I suppose exceptions must have their place
As the colors fade
I'm tempted into sleep

Damage is what I incur
The questions must get heard
The questions don't get asked
Essential to wait for the light as it

Calls me out
But don't expect too much at first
I am now blinded

Can't we all Except the midnight attempt
Without rejection

Lean times met with intimacy
Like the dream I had
Where victims wore no shame

But I forgot just what the idiot said
As he leashed himself
And leaped into the deep

Tragic is all I can say
Or at least as bad
The questions must get heard
The questions don't get asked
A faint image casts out a light as she

Calls me out
But don't expect too much at first
I am now blinded...seems there's some sort of tension

Empathy for apathetic
Could start this train to derail
Light out ascension

I know why it's complicated
A cold eye accentuated
I'll follow and celebrate it
The sinner who cannot atone...For every other's wrong
Cause I don't see the harm...Identifying

Twine Time

Ten fold,
Esteemed gentlemen say,
Is what one should take
But, I'm withdrawn

Callow with song
Filled up with not
Why pull at strings
When movements wrong

anyone got a name
Anyone see why
I'm selling thought
For word in time
Forced reasons but,
I don't see it

Payroll would seem
Rail on in spite
Or fall into


Before I part
I'll save my soul
I'll tell it all
Despite my faults
Recoiled in fear
We learn to smear
The lines between
Orselves and the...rage

Anyone got a name
Anyone see why
I'm selling thought
For word in time
Forced reasons but,
I don't see it...I'm tired of making sensory sales

Retail for the shiftless but, you don't agree
Under your.............assertion
This packaged sentimental rant is all I can
Hold onto...I blame you

In pseudonym, illicit forms create themselves
Under your...consensus
I forget just what's behind this
Collusion...all sell

Magazines For Entertainment

You've got sediment across your brow
Beat down elements decay
Seems that anyone about could tell
You're not anywhere today ...what makes you stay

Jump on the train while that same shallow man
Sings on and on about religion
Passengers glance, uncomfortably sound
Because they're watching detachment grow old

Bleeding my convictions, I can honestly say
Just get over ...Just get over this bridge
Pastimes are worthless for the options are thin
Let's get over...Let's get over ourselves
Until...I quit

I'm not getting on
Just for getting out
Can't stand thoughts of the duration

Feels like killing off
All sense and misread quotes
Supplant the rest without the shame...lead off

I am under attack
Now my clock punches back
We'll let sleeping dogs lie
But if they bite you're on your own

Strung out on condition, coffee and sour milk
Panoramic portal stills
Paper trails circle themselves
Pasty white walls of my parapet
Hold that thought
Is it any better than the image i've created


Predictability has saved us

Please send cash and patients to the address on your paper
Yeah, we'll talk about your father soon
Just take these pills, but wait till you get home

You'll sleep better for it tonight

We will suppress what's best
For yours and mine it's fine
It may well be that cold traumatic past
But, everything is neurological

I'll sleep better on softer sheets
Cantilevered on the sanctity
Of disease, as research proved,
These purple ones can surely do no harm

And the studies show that it is all right

Don't be surprised
He'll act his size
Propose that we jack him up with speed

Curb his daydreams
We'll kill his creativity, besides, at
Eight years old he pays no mind
Needs artificial catalysts to grow

Keep your head right
Self locked up tight
He will thank you
No more waiting and waiting

So still now...
No worse now...all your own...
Needs cared for...
All your own needs pleased for a fee as well still
We will Worse
Don't be surprised...all yours
Eight years old mind

This will keep your head right
Your self locked up so tight
You will be thankful
Unless you're still waiting and waiting


The Last Of The Rest Was The End

Desperate days
When solutions are sold for a price too high for the exit stage
Can't wait for long
All that my past would tell
Could see all the silence plain as day

Plan until the end
I won't defend
The altercations all fade
Spin out of control
Like all the tolls that I expected to pay
As madness settles in...comfort yourself

Grant us our subsidy
Our contentiousness failed
Passed along
Decedents of the acts themselves
No sense in rising up
When deceptions gone
I said
You said
We said
Kept a log of every exclamation saved

Startled at the truth I might get old anyway
The coefficients off
Save for the life ahead me
No sound can cull a tendency to react to some but disregard the ending scene

Plan until the end
I won't pretend the occupations are sane
Feel out of control
I can't emote
The expiration is real...comfort yourself

Resolve to fail
Makes sense if you're sitting still
Seal off all cares

Shame, I selfishly will not feel safe


When I can tell the yelling
Is posture
I don't get on to telling
You lost out
When I was away
Still sober with soldiers
You sold out your self for frailty

Cast myself into a part
Where you play the saint
Crushed by the guilt i'll accept
To be sent again
Into the battlefield
For all I am
You're still aware of nothing
Here I am
Well aware you don't care

These pictures always lie
Time's running out you say
Count your blessings

When I can tell the fighting
Is posture
I don't get onto yelling
That's lost more
When I was away
I filled pain with distance
Now everything's closer
To the heart
Would you ask
If I am
Happier then
I was
Or would that seem too obscene
For your sensibilities

Should I know
Should be silent
Should I say I'm sorry?


Trailed by…purpose
Prosaic tomes
We slipped away invading the night

We passed all those thoughts that you stole
Described to me like they were your own

I know I will not ask too much
Just keep me occupied

Machines, tired and cold, abandoned their posts.
Hiding out as we approached

We walked until skies opened up
Screamed out a perfect song while we slept

I'll tell you I will not look so bored when you talk in your sleep

Planes crash
Houses explode
Cars on the road swerve aim and drive straight through our backs
Slowly we both awoke
Exhaling smoke
Brushed off the dust then we moved on

Strangers threw their distant and dark
Sinister stairs
But, they just bounced off

Reason caught us and grabbed our throats
Dragged us around repeating this note

I made this up
You asked too much
Now we're preoccupied

Monday we staggered home drunk and alone
Mesmerized by graffiti tags on the wall
Tuesday, when all was calm, we submerged our arms and encased them in pillars of glass

I made this up
You asked too much
Now we're preoccupied

We staggered home
Drunk and alone
Mesmerized by graffiti tags on the buildings

When all was calm
We submerged your arms
And encased them in pillars of stained glass